Customer Testimonies 

In the age of buzz words and misleading marketing we believe in showing the results. Here are some of the real benefits of switching your skin over to Good JuJu Herbal, the best in handmade, all natural soap and skincare. 




"About a year ago I had minor acne. In an effort to get clear skin, I tried a store-bought skincare line. This made my face red, swollen and broken out worse than ever before. I tried other commercial products which only made it worse. Makeup could no longer cover my acne, my face hurt all the time, and I had no confidence. Then I found Good Juju Herbal and decided to give this one last product a chance. My skin immediately felt softer and calmer after using the clay facial soap for the first time. As time went on I continued to see improvement, so I bought the toner and moisturizer. These products helped my skin even more. I now use this regimen daily and am happy to say that aside from the occasional blemish, my skin is clear! I am so thankful that Good Juju Herbal helped me get my confidence back!"




“Good JuJu Herbal is hands down the best skincare products I have ever used. For the past year I have been struggling with an intense butterfly rash on my face that is flakey, painful and VERY sensitive to products. I have been using the Rose Clay and Geranium soap and Calming Calendula soap because they are the ONLY products I have found that calm my rash while also cleansing and moisturizing my skin. I have stopped using all other cleansers and started using the Essential Slave on my problem spots for extreme moisture and it has made all the difference. This makes one less thing to worry about when I wake up with aching muscles or hair loss. MY SKIN FEELS AMAZING.” .





"Luckily during my teenage years I never really had problems with my skin but once I got into my 20’s my skin started doing some pretty crazy things. Not sure if it was hormones, diet, or other environmental factors but all of a sudden, I had horrible acne! It was almost like a rash on my forehead and cheeks. Other products would help but only temporarily. I wanted to find something that was consistent and safe and Good Juju was just that! These products have improved my skin so much. I no longer have to slather on my makeup to cover my acne. I love the fact that Good Juju is an all natural soap company! It puts my mind (and skin) at ease knowing that the ingredients in my skin care regimen are safe and effective. My all time favorite products are the jasmine & rose toner and the herbal skin food.”



"I have had psoriasis on my arms and legs for the past few years which at times can blister and be really painful. I’ve been using good juju products for about two years now and it’s awesome how little my skin breaks out or flares up. Good juju soap is the only soap I use and my skin doesn’t feel tight and itchy anymore. I recommend anyone that has psoriasis to give these products a try!!"

In this picture Nick is pointing to where his psoriasis used to be, but is no longer!!



"I started using Good Juju Herbal about a year ago. I have a very oily t-zone, large pores, and have pretty bad break outs. I use the clay mask as a spot treatment, and the toner and face lotion every night before bed. My skin is no longer red and irritated and my break outs are few. I carry the toner with me to work (I work in a hot humid geeenhouse) to give my skin an extra "pick me up" throughout the day. "




"I was born with baby eczema and used to have red patches all over my belly that really worried my mom and dad. Other natural products didn't work for me. Since using Good Juju Herbal, over a year ago, I haven't had a single flare up! And I don't need to use lotion since the bars of soap are so moisturizing!" .



"I love every single good juju product I have tried. My husband and I both use the Chamomile and Clay face soap and it has lasted us over a year. That is some SERIOUS value. I now also use the toner and moisturizer for my daily skin care routine and won't go back to anything else. The moisturizer is my FAVORITE. It smells amazing and my face feels so nourished and refreshed after using it. 

I also love to use the clay mask as a treatment every few weeks. My skin feels significantly smoother and tighter after using it. I can't wait to try more of Good JuJu's products!" 



“I loveeee being outside, but when winter came this year, she was not joking! I need my walkies, even in the winter!!!! My hoomans said my paw pads felt like sand paper and looked dry/cracked. Mom found Good JuJu Herbal and loved that her all products were all natural and the story behind them ❤️ She ordered me the Dog Salve (and some soaps for herself of course) and I was in loveeee the first time mom rubbed the salve on my feet! By the next morning, I could already notice that my paw pads were not as dry!!! We’ve continued to use it all winter to keep my paw pads moisturized and crack-free and plan to use it in the summer after our beach trips when the sand makes my feet dry! Whenever I see the little silver tin coming towards me, I know it’s time for my foot massage and I get so excited! Mom and I both love that it’s lick safe, so I can sneak a few licks in when she’s not looking Thank you so much Good JuJu Herbal for your awesome safe and effective product!!!! We can’t stop telling all our friends and family about your products! 2 Paws Up!!! “



"I really enjoy using Good Juju Herbal products. Not only are the products all natural, organic and cruelty-free, they smell and feel amazing! The soaps lather nicely and all the scents are wonderful. My personal favorite soap is the lavender poppy. The soothing and relaxing scent of lavender really comes through in the shower and the poppy seed is a wonderful exfoliated leaving my skin smooth and so soft. My overall favorite GJJH product is the Dead Sea clay bar though. Applying the mask is easy from the bar form and I can actually feel the clay working on my skin while it dries. Washing it off is easy and my skin is clean, smooth and my pores are visibly smaller. Blemishes resolve so quickly after using the clay mask but my skin isn't overly dried. I LOVE Good Juju Herbal!" .