Skincare by the minutes

Look, let's be real, life is busy. Sometimes life is really really busy and more times than not when things start to feel like they are going in fast forward we start to skip important skincare steps and routines. The important thing to remember is that having an established skincare routine is not necessarily for beauty but more for having and maintaining healthy, nourished, hydrated and protected skin. When you do these things your skin just happens to say "hey, thanks" by glowing and looking radiant all day. 

This post is all about simple easy steps, broken down by the time they take, to add into your day and skincare routine no matter how busy you are (to read more about an easy correct skin care routine scroll down to Wholesome & Holistic)!

2 minutes:

If you are pressed for time, do a lip scrub. Lip scrubs are great because they exfoliate, soften and leave lips perfectly plumped. Just simply rub a small amount of desired scrub (I use Good JuJu Herbal Calendula and Rose face scrub) onto lips in the morning or night before brushing your teeth! Suggested use, two times a week. 

5 minutes:

If you have a few more minutes and want to take the lip scrub a bit further, make it a face scrub, you won't be sorry! Face scrubs are a sure way to give your skin that glowing look. The Good JuJu Herbal Calendula and Rose face scrub is a dryer scrub, meaning it won't clog your pores but is still packed with high anti-oxidant, deeply moisturizing oils. Suggested use, two times a week.



10-15 minutes:

The perfect way to take a break is to do a clay face mask. Clay is one of the most powerful natural ingredients, seriously sometimes I am convinced it is magic. Clay helps minimize pores, clear acne, tone skin, reduce redness, soften rough/dry skin, all while being detoxing and rich in minerals! To use Simply mix two parts clay to one part water (or rosewater if you are trying to be fancy), mix to a medium consistency and apply to face for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Suggested use, once a week. 


30-45 minutes:

If you want to go all out and I suggest you do, do a bath soak! Bath soaks will not only relax your mind but also help soften skin and soothe muscles. Lo and Behold Eucalyptus and Lavender salt bath soak is the best. Handmade in Durham, North Carolina and the perfect balance of calming and invigorating. Suggested use: one-two times a week! You can find these Lo and Behold bath soaks linked below!


My final and most important suggestion, take time for yourself and be kind to your skin, you are worth it. 

For any questions just email or comment below, I love to chat!


Love and gratitude always,