Mother's day gift guide

I really don't want to brag but....I think I am. I am possibly the worlds best gift giver, and by possibly I mean definitely, I am definitely the worlds best gift giver. I think of gift giving as being a spy. A spy that secretly takes mind notes all through the year so then at Christmas/Birthdays/etc. I use my mind notes/spy skills to BAM buy the perfect gift (and probably give it to you early/blurt out what I got you because when it comes to gift giving I have no chill). With all of that being said I have a confession to make, the only person I have a hard time gift giving for is my mom (who is actually a great gift giver herself, our christmas mornings growing up were BANANAS). Every year I call my siblings and we have the same "what are you getting mom", "have you got mom anything yet" conversation. So here is a Good JuJu Herbal Mother's Day gift guide to the perfect gift. 

First up on the gift guide, the Mother's Day Collaboration set: 40  

This gift set is perfect for Mother's day (or for yourself, it is really stinkin' cute) because it's stylish, functional, affordable, and you are supporting three local small businesses at once. Here is the break down of what you get and who is making it.

First up is a unique and durable handmade soap dish by Lauren Sumner Pottery, out of Raleigh, NC. Lauren specializes in beautiful glazes, one of a kind pieces and hand carving patterns into her work.

Second is a high quality soft unbleached linen hand towel handmade by Anna Nickles of Shibui South, based out of Durham, NC. Anna specializes in hand dying and three dimensional fabric construction. Anna's hand towels are versatile and are able to elevate any space. 

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Lastly in this gift set you will receive soap bar of your choice. Just in case you aren't familiar with Good JuJu Herbal I will give you a quick run down. Good JuJu Herbal is based out of Raleigh, NC and specializes in small batch skin care made for people with a love for simple, real ingredients. As far as suggestions on scent, for Mother's day I always suggest Lavender Poppy or Lemongrass, those are two go-to scents everyone likes. With that suggestion remember, you know your mom better than anyone so if she loves Mojitos she might really love the Mint and Lime soap! You got this!


Calendula and rose scrub: 15

I really love this scrub, and get lots and lots of great feedback on it. This scrub is perfect for Mother's Day because it is a lightly fragrant and perfectly balanced scrub. Made with natural exfoliants and high quality moisturizing oils such as rosehip, evening primrose and calendula it will leave skin glowing and mom is sure to love it. ***tip if you are going in with siblings pair this scrub with a soap bar of your choice and a Dead Sea Clay facemask. ***


                                                                                       Good JuJu Herbal Gift Set: 25

This is the perfect gift if you want a one and done. This gift set comes with a soap bar of your choice, a felted soap, a hand cut soap dish and a shea butter lip balm. oh, and it comes wrapped and ready to go. I talked about being the best gift giver earlier but conveniently left out I am the worlds worst gift wrapper. So. Hard. 



So there is it, take your pick on the perfect gift for mom. And lets get real, bottom line, with any of these gifts mom is sure to love you forever and not because she has to. 


Feel Free to email me with any special requests or if you'd like other suggestions! 

To follow the makers above on instagram: @shibuisouth, @laurensumnerpottery, @GoodJuJuHerbal

Love always,

Judith Jones