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The idea of owning my own small business was exciting and empowering. Now that I am sitting here typing this a few years wiser and a stomach ulcer later, I can confidently say that my feelings of excitement and independence have far exceeded even my wildest expectations. Although, of course, with that has also come lots of stress, challenges and self doubt.  I have gone through many stages of self doubt, but in all of those times what reassured me was my love and passion for people, skin care, and making things that really do help people and make them feel special after a long day.

Being someone that suffered from broken skin for years due to eczema, allergies, etc. when I have a customer tell me that my soap/product helped clear up their skin, or their child's skin, my heart over flows with joy, copious amounts of joy! 

For as long as I have been on this journey one of the biggest goals for me has been making a skin care line that is wholesome, holistic, and effective. I remember writing down about a year ago the the three objectives I wanted for Good JuJu Skincare. I wanted for it to be preservative free, made with high quality ingredients and easy to follow and keep up.

For months now I have been ordering and reordering bottles, tinkering with formulas, forcing people to use two different moisturizers on different halves their face and other helpful but crazy things. It was all worth it, and I am so excited. So excited that here is a whole blog post about the amazing ingredients and the versatility of these three  products.

I am going to break it down in order of use!


Cleanse: Although neither one of these products are new since I am going in order of use I figured I'd talk about these two soaps too! To cleanse I recommend the Chamomile and Clay face soap for those with oily/acne prone skin to combination skin. This soap is deep cleansing and will nip acne/oiliness in the bud. If you have dry or mature skin I suggest using the Carrot and Sweet Potato soap to cleanse your face for it is mild and soothing on skin. 

Exfoliate: Exfoliating is important, and the most important place to exfoliate is your face. The Good JuJu Calendula and Rose face scrub uses organic almonds, sugar, lavender buds, chamomile flowers and oatmeal to scrub away the build-up of dead, damaged cells. Doing this stimulates the regeneration of new cells, improving the skin’s appearance, feel and texture. The second working part of this scrub is the rich oils in it. Made with apricot oil, calendula oil, and rose essential oil all of which are known for their restoring properties. Calendula in particular is thought to be the most powerful herb when it comes to helping restore cell growth. The Calendula and Rose face scrub is extremely versatile  as it can be used as a lip scrub for winter months as well as a full body scrub if you aren't a huge fan of coffee.  This scrub will leave skin with a natural healthy glow. Recommend to be used two times a week. 

Tone: I will try and not go on a rant about toner and how much it is over looked but I can't make any promises. First here is a quick story. I used to work in this nursing home when I was 18 and I took care of this woman who I loved, she was basically my 94 year old soul sister. She was funny, sassy and aged well, really well.  One day we were talking and I asked her the classic "what is your secret" question about how she kept her skin so beautiful. She told me rosewater, she told me she couldn't live without it. Soon there after I went and bought a plain bottle of rosewater toner and quickly learned I also could never live with out it. Toner is the most underrated, over looked beauty product out there. Good JuJu Jasmine and Rose floral toner closes/tightens pores, adjusts the PH of the skin, and removes any remaining oil or dirt that a cleanser may have missed. The water-binding ingredients in this toner (called humectants) not only hydrate the skin but also function as a delivery system for other ingredients, allowing the product to prepare the skin for moisturizer. In short, toner is what hydrates the skin and moisturizer is what seals in that moisture all day. Toner is also a versatile, it can be sprayed anywhere on the skin to hydrate as well as used as a light floral perfume. 

Moisturize: The last and final step is to moisturize.The hardest thing for me to part ways with after finding out about my contact allergies was my moisturizer (it had six chemicals I was allergic to). For years I have been huge fan and follower of Rosemary Gladstar, The godmother of modern day herbalism. Through her I found a face cream that was wholesome and preservative free. I then spent months and months perfecting it, changing ratios, adding new ingredients and finally landed on what is now Good JuJu Herbal Skin Food Moisturizer. I believe this moisturizer is the BEST cream I have ever used. High in antioxidants, rich in oils and light enough to be a everyday moisturizer. Good JuJu's Herbal Skin Food is made in small batches and has a shelf life (read about why you should look for skincare with a shelf life in my previous blog post) of 6 months, longer if kept in the fridge. Also this moisturizer is ideal if you suffer from sensitive skin. It can be massaged into problem spots such as eczema or psoriasis breakouts to help sooth skin. 

Questions, concerns? I like to chat so comment here or Email me anytime

Gratitude and love,