New Year, New Skin Care!

**Pulling out my actual soap box to get on, because i'm about to preach.**

Having approximately 100 million skin issues doesn't really give me the choice to look the other way when it comes to chemicals. I am now that crazy Whole Foods customer who lingers in the isle for 25 minutes reading/comparing ingredients while you are trying to look around me to grab some shampoo. By the way, sorry about that. It is really easy to not pay much attention to what we use skin care wise mainly because the ingredients are in font size -16, and all have names like Cocamidopropyl Betaine (quick game, did I make that up or is that real? Answer: Real, and I am Highly allergic to it!). So here is a quick yes and no guide to skin care.

Short expiration dates: Yes

When I see an expiration date under a year I know the product is not laden with prolonging harmful chemicals. Freshness and shelf life seem to be a thing of the past in modern society, and unless you are a prepper saving for the apocalypse, things that are good till 2057 should be thrown out the door. When using fresh, whole ingredients for skin care you get a more effective well rounded product. 

Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate (SLS & SLES): No

SLS and SLES and common chemicals found in skin care. Both are used to create foam/sudsy appearance that consumers equate with effectiveness. Both are considered to act as detergents vs actual cleansing agents. Detergent based skin care means it cleans by stripping naturals oils from skin, leaving skin dry and irritated.

Parbens: Proceed with caution

I personal avoid parabens (used as a preservative)  because I am allergic and they aren't necessary in Good JuJu products. When you read up on parabens the general response is, and I am paraphrasing, "Yea, these are not great, and they may mimic estrogen in your body and they may present in breast tissue effected by breast cancer, and they are probably really bad but hey, we can't officially prove it, May the odds be in your favor." This loops back to embracing short expiration dates. If I buy a natural cosmetic I am going to start using it pretty immediate, not having to worry about the expiration date a year from now, and also not harming my skin. win, win, win. 

Synthetic dyes/pigments: No

Good JuJu Furoshiki cloths are beautiful and bright and dyed with cool jaquard acid dyes, great for gift wrapping, not great for rubbing on your body or eating. I love colors, but not when it comes to skin care. Rule of thumb, things that are bright blue, bright yellow, and bright red in skincare, tooth paste, mouthwashes, makeup, just say no to. May appear on label as Blue 1, Green 3, FD & C Yellow 6, etc. 

Short ingredient list: YES

If the ingredient list is short and pronounceable, grab that product, hug it tight, and use the S*%! out of it!  The thing is with all Good JuJu products, I am my customer. If I can't use it I don't sale it. Which takes out all of the hard work for my customers, and to me that is wonderful, because lingering in isle google searching ingredients is not fun. 


Look, it's coming up on a new year, so lets all declutter those medicine cabinets filled with random shampoo samples and hotel soaps and not fill them back up. Do some research, try a few new things, and decide on a clear skin care routine for yourself, filled with short ingredient lists, short expiration dates, and real quality ingredient. You and your skin deserve it. Our skin is our largest organ so lets all give it some extra love in 2016. 

I am biased, and love all of my Good JuJu products, so if you want to check them out, here ya go! 

Questions, concerns? I like to chat so comment here or Email me anytime!