Good JuJu Gift Guide

Christmas is the best time of the year, that is, until it becomes the worst time of the year.


Don't get me wrong, I really do love Christmas, but gift giving is stressful. Every year I feel like my list gets longer, employee gift exchange, teacher gifts, friend gifts, family gifts, and gifts for guys in general. Personally all of those gifting occasions can be stressful, but the most nerve racking to me is the blindsided gift exchange, you know what i'm talking about. It is the gift exchange everyone worries is possibly looming this holiday season! The blindsided gift exchange is when one person you are friends/work place proximity associates (I had to, Parks and Rec is life) with gets you a gift and you are empty handed, not trying to make eye contact. Sounds horrible, right? Let me assure you it is horrible, so here is the solution to avoid it this year and some other gift giving solutions! 

Solution to the horrid blindsided gift giver (who you often really like but holidays are crazy and people always expect you to make like a million casseroles for random gatherings this time of year so I mean really, who can even remember to buy gifts because casseroles have 18 ingredients minimum and  are harder than they seem).

 Soap, it is the answer. Having a few Good JuJu gift sets on hand is perfect. Soap if functional, everyone uses it, and the gift sets look awesome, plus it is handcrafted! So, let me set the scene. You go to lunch with a friend to catch up, you walk in, sit down. Your friend walks in bag in hand. You get pumped because gifts are awesome and then instantly panic, BUT WAIT you've got a Good JuJu gift set in your car ready to roll!! So you say "oh I wasn't sure if we were doing gifts but I got you something too, it's actually in my car"! See, that went perfect, and now you can enjoy that tuna melt you've been eyeing (I hope someone reading this loves tuna melts as much as me) and have a nice lunch with your friend! Blindsided gift giving solved, now on to the rest of the gift guide! It is much less ranty (not a word, I know) from here on out, I promise. 

 First I'm going to quickly breakdown each product and why it rocks, then I will list who should get what if you are still unsure!

Coffee and Cardamom Scrub: Smells amazing, packed with anti-oxidants and shea butter, also exfoliating your skin is a necessary/feels amazing!

Dead Sea Clay Face mask: Simply mix Good JuJu face mask powder with water or fancy nancy rose water and BOOM the perfect pore tightening, deep cleaning face mask! Made with two different types of clay, calming colloidal oats, and lavender essential oil for a calming, soothing experience.  

Clay Treatment Bar: This product is designed for a busy person, who also loves their skin. Made with rosewater, Dead Sea clay, and a touch of witch hazel makes for a quick and easy face mask treatment. Simply wet your skin, wet the bar, and rub on your face. Let the thin layer of clay dry for about 5 minutes and wash off in circular motions! 

Felted Soaps: Felted soap is a Good JuJu soap ball wrapped in a wool roving, which is naturally anti-microbial. As you use it the outside roving will knit tighter and tighter and shrink with the size of the soap, until you are just left with a small wool scrubby. Felted soap is basically a soap washcloth duo! Comes in two scents, french lavender and orange jasmine.  p.s. these are my favorite thing to make!

Shea butter Lip Balm: Who doesn't like lip balm? Good JuJu lip balm is a basic lip balm (because lip balm shouldn't be complicated) made with beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil to  protect and nourish your lips, especially during winter!

Lavender Poppy Soap: My most popular soap, a good fit for everyone including sensitive skin people. Made with pure lavender essential oil, to sooth skin, and poppy seeds to lightly exfoliate. 

Cinnamon Oatmeal Soap: Coming in a close second in popularity. Made with organic cinnamon powder, oats, and cinnamon leaf essential oil this soap is a great exfoliator while also working well with sensitive skin. 

Exfoliator Bar: Made with oatmeal, poppy seeds and coffee this soap is a powerhouse. It does exactly what you would think, exfoliate, level 100. Perfect for a mechanic, gardener, or if you are a lazy exfoliator like myself!

Calming Calendula Soap: My sweet sweet calendula soap. This is actually the soap I use, and love so deeply. Calendula is an ultra healing flower, and this unscented soap is perfect for eczema sufferers or babies !

Carrot and Sweet Potato Soap: Carrots and sweet potatoes get their color from a high concentration of vitamin A in the form of beta carotene. Beta carotene is thought to help dry skin conditions and protect skin from the suns UV rays. This soap also has one extra butter for the most fragile skin. All the Good JuJu soaps have vitamin E oil, and shea butter added but this soap also has coca butter. 

Lemon Soap: This soap smells like fresh lemons and is a great versatile soap to have or to give. Prefect kitchen/chefs soap! 

Beer and Nettle Soap: Yes yes, this soap is actually made with beer. Beer has lots of amino acids in it which is great for softening skin! Nettle is also used to clean, and soften skin. This soap smells like cedar mixed with man, and is also one of the most popular soaps! 

Chamomile and Clay Facial Soap: Made with a chamomile tincture and French green clay, this soap is made to be deep cleansing but not to harsh on your skin. Perfect for oily faces! 

Lavender and Eucalyptus Body Wash: For people who are 50/50 on  bar soap, but also want to take holistic, handcrafted approach to their skin care.  Made with lavender and eucalyptus to wake your sense and clam you mind. Tip: a little goes a long way with this body wash!

Hand Cut Cedar Soap Dishes: My dad and I cut these together. Each soap dish is unique and stylish. With handmade products it is important to let soap dry in between uses, which is why a soap dish is a wonderful gift alone, or paired with soap!


So, now for my gift suggestions. 

Mom/sister/girlfriend etc.: Coffee and Cardamom body scrub, Dead sea clay face mask, Lavender Poppy gift set. 

Dad/brother/boyfriend etc.: Beer and Nettle gift set or Exfoliator gift set and lip balm. 

Kids/hostess gifts/Stocking Stuffers: Felted soap, felted soap, felted soap!!!! These soaps are fun, interesting, and once you try them you will never go back!

Employee gift swap/teacher gifts: Soap gift set with lip balm!

Extended family: Good JuJu furoshiki wrapped gift sets (pictured above). The basic gift set comes with one bar of soap, one felted soap (your choice of scents) one soap dish, one lip balm, and wrapped in a hand dyed furoshiki cloth for 20.00. The best of both worlds gift set comes with one dead sea clay treatment bar, two bar soaps, one felted soap (your choice of scents), lip balm, one soap dish, and a coffee and cardamom body scrub, also wrapped in a furoshiki cloth for 50.00! 

If you have any questions or special requests contact me or leave a comment!! 

Now let's get shopping!! 

Gratitude & Love,